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Requesting help identifying cause of crash


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Hopefully I read through the documentation properly and am not getting myself banned, but I believe I am out of options and could use a second pair of eyes. I am unable to start minecraft with forge- it crashes after clicking "Play".


Gists for log files:

- ForgeModLoader client log:



- fml-client log file:



1. did a clean install for both minecraft and forge, just in case.

2. checked my PATH for Java.

3. have the latest java installed, and verified that it is the latest version.

4. Read the log files and saw the java.util.CurrentModificationException error, checked and made sure that my build was updated.

5. Downloaded and ran the other recommended solution but there was no change.

6. I used the installers, downloaded from Forge, and tried both 1.7.2- and 1.7.10- Ran the regular minecraft versions first (they were able to run like normal) then created the Forge profiles for these versions after running the installers. I am not able to start minecraft with Forge at all.

7. there are no mod files in the roaming/.minecraft/mods folder at this time (just in case I really needed to say that)


I would greatly appreciate it if someone was able to identify what I am doing incorrectly! ^_^


ETA: I am now able to get Forge 1.7.10 to load but not 1.7.2 (not even trying 1.6.4 at this point- which is really what I need to figure out, since those are the bulk of the mods on "popularmmos.com", which is where my son gets his ideas for which mods he wants to use). No idea what I did differently, ugh. ><





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Found another post talking about someone trying to run with 1.6.4 Minecraft and Forge.. not sure if it helps but here's their forum post: http://www.minecraftforge.net/forum/index.php?topic=23525.0


Also, I notice they were using Java 7 (not Java 8).


I can't recall if Java 8 and Forge for 1.6.4 got along at all.. they might.. or might not.. (I haven't tried)

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