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Classic problems running Forge 1.7.10 server!


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So I followed all the instructions to create a modded forge server to play with some friends:

Download latest forge 1.7.10- installer....


I then installed the Server to a folder on my desktop, that all was dandy! I double clicked the "Minecraft_server1.7.10" as you're suppose to... the eula came up, I turned false to true, I can guarantee you that this is NOT the issue. I then double clicked the same "Minecraft_server1.7.10" to get the world and what not to generate. Then I double clicked the "forge-1.7.10-" finally to generate the mod folder and some more stuff... I transferred all of my mods over to that folder from my SP version where all these mods work together. I double click the "forge-1.7.10-" again and the server box comes up but then after some time crashes... I have tried this with and without making the start server.bat file that some suggest making and There is no difference.



So the problem now is I can't read the logs but looking around at some other people's issues it seems I may have an entity that will only spawn in SP and not the multiplayer server due to the coding of that entity. I will post What I have in the logs considerring it isn't a crash.









OKay so actually I smartened up and I saw that there was a java.lang.NoClassDefFoundException error in my "latest" log... is it possible to figure out which mod this is from the information given? Also are there any suggestions on my process of creating a modded server using forge? Thanks

If anyone has tried this and ran into the same error with these mods can you let me know? Here they are:






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Thank you for the help diesieben07! After some testing it appears that Optifine and Damage indicators were causing the issues... Apparently you can have these mods in your client side mods folder and NOT your server side mod folders and you can still get into the server with no issues! Hopefully this will help at least one person! Someone can go ahead and lock this now!



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