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Newby mom with steep learning curve needs advice. . .


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I must admit that I'm a little intimidated by all the new vocabulary. . . I don't even know what words to use to ask the questions I have. . . the learning curve may be steep, but I want to be able to help install mods for my 10 year old  (who is very patient by the way).


Love the youtube videos that break things down step by step, and I picked up enough several months ago to navigate the Forge download and drag and drop mods into the mod folder.  But when they quit working with the most recent upgrade, I was at a loss.  TODAY I finally got the latest Forge downloaded and working, but I deleted all of his mods (now I realize I should have made a back up copy). . .See told you I was a newby.


My trouble is that I really don't know where to go to download the mods that is reliable. . . I got direct links from youtube videos before, but when I do a search and follow links, my virus protection pops up about malware.  It didn't do that from the mods where I first installed them. 


I'm figuring out that different mods use different mod loaders (which is what forge is if I am correct. . . is that the term for client? see I don't even know what I'm asking)



Is there a patient person out there who could point me to safe current 1.8 versions that I can download and drag and drop?

Anyway he wants:

-Diamond Dimension (Dan TDM is a familiar person at our house now)

-Lucky Block






OH and also, he has started an online class through learntomod.com .  and is learning some very basic coding concepts too. . . . so I'm getting a lesson there too.



What is Curse?  I'm trying to figure out if that is a competitor or replacement type thing as I followed a bookmark I had from a while back and it wanted me to download it too?  It was enough to make me want to curse. . . lol. 


And to think when I was teaching high school math, I was the trained tech mentor. . . but that was when we first got Ethernet and computers in the classroom.  I might as well be driving a horse and buggy. . .


Thank you in advance,

B. B.

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Wonderful! Thanks so much.  There are lots of things to avoid out there, it is good to know where the reliable downloads can be found.  I've also discovered that keeping everything updated is important.  So do the mods for 1.7.10 work on the 8.1 or should I wait for the mods to upgrade also?


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