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Having a little trouble with my workspace...


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I was doing some work on my mod today and i suffers a power outage. When i restarted my entire workspace was broken. Its kinda hard to describe the problem so i am just going to show you.




Every single class looks like that. The weird thing is minecraft still starts and runs just fine. I have tried running gradlew setupDecompWorkspace and gradlew idea but i dont know what else to try.


If i press ALT + Enter on anything at the top of the list is "Setup JDK" but my JDK setup looks fine.


Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


I am the author of Draconic Evolution

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Take a backup of you src folder (The code you are working on), and type in:


gradlew clean

gradlew setupDecompWorkspace

gradlew idea


This will clean development env and reset it, backup everything before. Files might be deleted.

I require Java, both the coffee and the code :)

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I just run all the gradle commands from the built in terminal. IDEA automatically detects that something have changed and gives me an option to reload the project. Although im not sure if that works when adding dependencies via the build.gradle


In any case you have convinced me to finally set it up so i am doing it now.

I am the author of Draconic Evolution

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I also had problems with Gradle integration in IntelliJ.  I use the following method which works for me


1) gradlew setupDecompWorkspace

2) gradlew idea

3) Open project folder

4) When it asks "import unlinked gradle project" or words to that effect, choose yes

5) run the gradle task genIntellijRuns


Works every time and gives me the gradle tasks especially build.





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