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Anyone know what makes the dev server run so slow?


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First off. Is this a known problem or is it just me? When i run the server in my workspace it is extremely laggy with an average tps of around 10. I am 99.99% sure this isnt a problem with my mod because it is currently being used in a lot of different mod packs including and official FTB pack and i haven't had a single report about lag.


So dose anyone have any idea what could cause this?

I am the author of Draconic Evolution

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Ok so there is nothing wrong with the tps it was just out of ram. But the reason i thought that the tps was always low is because for some reason mobs are really laggy. Even when the tps is at 20. This is something i have noticed since i started modding but i only just got around to investigating it.


Note to self: Next time i investigate lag. Make sure i don't have two other instances of minecraft running in the background including one very ram hungry mod pack...

I am the author of Draconic Evolution

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