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[1.7.10] Two different Techne blocks, same Techne model in-game?


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Hey, so I have two Techne blocks in my client right now, one of them looks like a Classic Minecraft Block and the other looks like a pile of Rubble.


The problem is, when I place the one that looks like a Block, it shares the rubbles model.


Despite it looking the same as Rubble when placed? it must still render correctly, because this is what my Block SHOULD look like when placed, but it doesn't



I have a logic error somewhere but I don't know exactly where it is.



Anyone had this issue before?





So, I created a Base class for Techne Blocks so I could call the BaseTechneBlock class when I was creating a new TechneBlock (Rather than the BaseBlock class for normal blocks) Reason I did this was to cut down on repeated code, and it makes sense not to have loads of un-needed code when I can extend generic information from a Base Class.


The problem I have is in my BaseTechneBlock Class and I've narrowed it down to one line.



The Method that's causing my issue is the TileEntity method, because it's currently returning a new TileEntityJohnnyBlockRubble, when it should have the ability to return any tileEntity


When I change this to my other block (TileEntityJohnnyBlock) I get the exact opposite issue.



In my BaseTechneBlock class how would I create this method but return the correct TileEntity in my subclasses?


How do I NOT return a TileEntity in my Base class?




solved, all I had to do was call the TileEntity and in my subclass just call the correct TileEntity I actually wanted.


Looks good :D


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