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[Minecraft 1.4.6] [Version 3.0.0] TelincCore


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Hooray, my first submitted mod! TelincCore is my core mod. It will be required for all the mods I will release, but can also be used by you! It comes with several function to assist you and a few classes to make your mods smaller. Information about the mod itself and all of its functions and classes can found at Telinc's Mods Wiki.


[1.4.6] TelincCore Universal

[1.4.6] TelincCore Source - Not available yet, sorry


[1.3.2] [Forge 303] TelincCore Universal

[1.3.2] [Forge 303] TelincCore Source



1. Open up you minecraft.jar/minecraft_server.jar (Minecraft Server.exe can't be modified to my knowledge)

2. Make sure Minecraft Forge is installed. A cheap way of doing it is checking if the folder "cpw" is present.

3. If you don't have a mods folder in your .minecraft/server directory, create it or boot up the game/server.

4. Put TelincCore's universal .JAR in there. Don't extract it!

5. Launch Minecraft/the server and see if everything's working!


Reporting a bug

To deal with a bug, I need the following info:


Does the bug crash the game/server, or is a method/class not working?


I also need:

If it crashes: Exact steps for reproducing and a crash report (if available).

Not working method/class: The method or class that fails to work. If it works and it stops, exact steps to reproduce.


And finally: Does the bug only happen on the client, only happen on the server, or on both?


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I install TelincCore on a server?

A: It's the same as installing it on a client.


Q: My game crashes! fix ur mod ya idiot its nyat warking

A: See: Reporting a bug

A2: See: Installation


Q: How do I add this to my mod?

A: Go to the wiki (linked above) and search for the text "check out this page". It should be a link to the tutorials.


Q: The wiki is invalid/doesn't contain any information about a given subject!

A: For the first case, feel free to edit it. For the second case, let me know and I will add it!

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