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How/Where did you learn to mod?


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Lately I started following a

and was really intrigued by modding. I'm not new to programming, as I've known python for a while. I asked a question recently, and the general consensus was that I should learn Java alone more thoroughly. I enrolled in a course on Udemy, and am understanding it all pretty well. I want to know how I should enter the modding field once I complete said course. I know it won't be easy, but I really want to learn to mod.


How and/or where did you learn to mod? Links are appreciated. Thank you.

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Honestly, i'd start making bukkit plugins. It's 10x easier, and is the same server code.

If that doesn't appeal, i'd start with reading the documentation.

if neither of those appeal, go nuts. Literally, get a basic mod going and make it do something Like open a gui, or a new window.


I did the third one, i made a mod that opens a seperate window that adjusts ore generation as you navigate the window.


Edit;  Elaboration.


I learned to mod from wuppy29, and am thinking of making coherent tutorials. Will report back.

anyway, after watching wuppy, i got ahold of java syntax very quickly, and started to use different api on different projects. The use of other's apis is what i think helped the most. It gets You into the mindset of what type of author the api maker is. In this case, lex manos tends to use registries, and interfaces more than anything else. Yes, there are hooks, and events, but you'll find those in most other codes. Another example is bukkit. Bukkit is written completely on events, with little to no registry handling, or interfacing. Google api uses trees and xpaths to operate, making for excellent modules. The most important things that you always have to keep in mind, is

A) read the stacktrace from top to bottom.

B) if you did something with one method, 10 other people coud each use 10 of their own methods to do the same thing. Dont be afraid to ask. Don't be afraid of rejection

Also, I should have you know that you are reading my signature.

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Credit where it's due, you didn't give up. You have expiremented with the code successfull. and now have a better understanding.  it doesnot matter what you do, so long as you learn to do it with wht you're given.

Also, I should have you know that you are reading my signature.

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