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[1.8] terrain generator how to spawn in thesurface ??


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good nigths

im a little newby whit terrain generators and im using the guide from



well i alredy has done this code and im generating a block underground using


WorldGenMinable minable = new WorldGenMinable(MercenaryModBlocks.girable.getDefaultState() , (minVeinSize + random.nextInt(maxVeinSize - minVeinSize))  );


actualy a i wanna spwn a block on the surface to spawn and structure from this block

what object of  WorldGen i must use to spawn a block on the surface ??

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this is fairly simple.

first of all, you can use this to get the position right on the surface

BlockPos pos = new BlockPos(chunkX*16, 0, chunkZ*16);
pos = world.getHorizon(pos);


Now lets say, you want to have little pillar out of cobblestone, lets create a small class:


public class CobblePillar extends WorldGenerator
public boolean generate(World world, Random random, BlockPos pos)
     for (int i=0; i<=5; i++)
           world.setBlockState(pos.add(0, i, 0), Blocks.cobblestone.getDefaultState(), 2);
     return true;


Now, lets call the code in your generator class:


CobblePillar pillar = new CobblePillar();

pillar.generate(world, random, pos);


This would be it, have fun :)

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i solved it on other way 


            BlockPos posM = world.getTopSolidOrLiquidBlock(pos);

            world.setBlockState(posM, MercenaryModBlocks.hierbaVerde.getDefaultState() );

            minable.generate(world, random, posM );


the trou ble is that im using minable  WorldGenMinable and its spawn to many  in the surface the others dont semm to fit how im triying to do i think i have to spend mi time doing mi own WorldGenMercenary or something like

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