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[1.8] Dynamically update .lang files


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For my current Project, I've allowed translators to change the localization for their main language on a nice website. I've provided an API call to generate a .lang file from the strings in the database.


I now want to automatically update the .lang files for the requested language whenever the language is changed or the mod is restarted. Therefore, I've registered the following IResourceManagerReloadListener:


((SimpleReloadableResourceManager)mc.getResourceManager()).registerReloadListener(new IResourceManagerReloadListener() {
            public void onResourceManagerReload(IResourceManager resourceManager) {
                SimpleReloadableResourceManager rm = (SimpleReloadableResourceManager) resourceManager;
                Language current = mc.getLanguageManager().getCurrentLanguage();
                String languageCode = current.getLanguageCode();

                try {
                    File file = new File("./" + languageCode + ".lang");
                    apiClient.downloadTranslation(languageCode, file);

                    ArrayList arraylist = Lists.newArrayList(new String[]{"en_US"});

                    if(!"en_US".equals(languageCode)) {

                    Properties prop = new Properties();
                    prop.load(new FileInputStream(file));

                    HashMap<String, String> lang_prop = StringTranslate.parseLangFile(new FileInputStream(file));

                    net.minecraftforge.fml.common.registry.LanguageRegistry.instance().mergeLanguageTable(lang_prop, languageCode);

                    for(Map.Entry e : lang_prop.entrySet()) {
                        System.out.println(e.getKey() + " => " + e.getValue());


                    System.out.println("Written to " + file.getAbsolutePath());
                } catch(Exception e) {


The mappings in the lang_prop Map are correct (thus the debug output), but it doesn't translate the localized Strings from the mod.

And yes, my localization is properly implemented using I18n.format();


Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance,


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Make it WAY less complicated.

Implement IResourcePack. For a given language, emulate an "langcode.lang" file (e.g. en_US.lang) via the getInputStream method in IResourcePack (to convert a string use ByteArrayInputStream with String.getBytes(Charsets.UTF8)).


Then put the IResourcePack into the default resource packs (Minecraft#defaultResourcePacks, you need reflection).


Done, leave all the language loading to MC.


Should I have any physical Resource Pack on the Hard Drive? Or is everything just emulated by the mod itself?

I think I need a code example for the getInputStream Method to get started.

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Example implementation that adds a translation in english from "foo" to "bar":



public class IResourcePackImpl implements IResourcePack {
    public InputStream getInputStream(ResourceLocation location) throws IOException {
        if (location.getResourcePath().equals("lang/en_US.lang")) {
            return new ByteArrayInputStream("foo:bar".getBytes(Charsets.UTF_);
        } else {
            return null;

    public boolean resourceExists(ResourceLocation location) {
        return location.getResourcePath().equals("lang/en_US.lang");

    public Set getResourceDomains() {
        return Collections.singleton("myResourceDomain");

    public IMetadataSection getPackMetadata(IMetadataSerializer p_135058_1_, String p_135058_2_) throws IOException {
        return null;

    public BufferedImage getPackImage() throws IOException {
        return null;

    public String getPackName() {
        return "MyResourcePack";




As for needing files on disk, that depends on your usecase. Minecraft just wants an InputStream. Whether that reads from a constant String, downloads a File from the internet or whatever does not matter.


I've got everything to work. Thank you so much!

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