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Forge- / MC 1.7.10 Freeze with TeamViewer


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so I had trouble running a Modpack, and after removing all the mods, all I had left was just Minecraft 1.7.10 and Forge.

So I deleted everything, and downloaded Forge-, did a plain install with the installer (for Win), and the same happend.


fml-client-latest.log (Java 8 ): http://pastebin.com/3sh1Pgt8

fml-client-latest.log (Java 7): http://pastebin.com/zeDD93ku

fml-junk-earlystartup.log: http://pastebin.com/JeMEt6kT

latest: http://pastebin.com/Rh81Ar5h


As you can see, there is no Crash, no Error, nothing. It just stops at this screen:


I had the problem with Forge 1400, and I have it with 1403, so using the latest Version available.

I also closed my antivirus, and most applications running in the background, until I reached the point where only Windows, a few drivers and.. TeamViewer

where active. So guess what, I closed TeamViewer and.. It worked.


I did several reboots of my machine, and tried that again. Turns out that for my system, when I have TeamViewer running in the background,

Forge does freeze on the screen above. (And yes I tested it with both Java 7 and 8 )


My System:

Intel I-7 3770K

Win7x64 - Latest updates

TeamViewer - Latest; 10.0.41459


It's not a big deal however, I don't need TeamViewer active all the time. And I guess it might be a weird combination of software on my system only,

but i thought I'd let you know, if someone runs into a similar problem.




Edit: Oh, I should also mention that i'm playing another modpack with forge 1236. So that is why i assume it must be something related to forge

itself and a change that has been made between 1236 and 1400. If that helps, i could try to find the exact version where it began to freeze...?

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