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Question: Is there an alternative to bungeecord for forge servers?


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I've been messing around with bungeecord for a couple days now to figure out what all I can do with it and just found that it doesn't work for linking up forge servers.  Before I do much more I was wondering - is there some kind of alternative to using bungeecord or am I just out of luck?  Any information or helpful links are appreciated as I haven't found much information looking myself.

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Well, it does work fine if forge is only on the client side but I haven't successfully been able to link a server running forge to bungeecord.  When I set it up to do so, all it does is wait around trying to connect but doesn't actually connect.  That same server will connect fine if I use the vanilla server jar though.  I am using 1.7.10 (certain mods I'd like to use aren't up to 1.8 yet) I'll try running 1.8 forge server today and see if it connects.

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It was specific to 1.7.10, 1.8 appears to work fine between the two.  Haven't tested any mods yet but it connects and says everything loads fine.  I wasn't expecting it to be a version issue though and I was hoping there'd be some kind of alternative.  Thanks for the help!  Time to wait for the mods I wanted to use to be updated.

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