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New Modded Minecraft Community And Public Server


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width=800 height=132http://yt3.ggpht.com/-CKHLN0FN17U/VVz8qiiyXEI/AAAAAAAAAEU/LX8V57cEROk/w1060-fcrop64=1,00005a57ffffa5a8-nd/youtubeBG.jpg[/img]


Lost in Translation is a new up-and-coming Minecraft community centered around our FTB 3rd party hosted modpack LiTCraft.


LiTCraft was developed after being inspired by general packs like FTB's Infinity or The Dark Trilogy. As a community driven modpack with our own servers for game-play, we created this pack with idea that multiplayer servers need to cater to a vast crowd with varying interests. LiTCraft is designed around 3 core playstyles:



    Are you a techie? Maybe more of the engineer or mechanical genius? With mods like AE2 for technological automation, or Mekanisms and IC2 for processing and power generation, we got you covered.

    Maybe you are a wizard?!?! Are you a practitioner of the dark arts? Check out mods like Ars Magica or thaumcraft, follow the path of the magical artist in battle and crafting.

    Perhaps you are more humble? You just want the quiet life out in the blocky countryside? With magical crops you can put together all your needs, harvest craft or forestry will let you automate bee production and horticulture.


In the future we are looking to expand into questing and story lines, battle progression and leveling, and even arena style game-play. Check out LiTCraft's official server, we got your interests covered!


People we are looking for:


    Driven to create content centered around developing a lore for the server.

    Driven to create amazing structures to be featured for youtube and contests.

    YouTubers that might want to create video content for mod features or how-to's.

    Event organizers who can help develop interesting contests, events, and community driven interaction.

    Fun people! Don't take yourself too seriously, I get bored easily.

    Business minded and marketing minded people to help expand the community's recognition and footprint.


You can find us on twitter: @LiTCraftModPack


We just started our YouTube channel: LiTCraft YouTube Channel


And of course our community website: http://litcraft.net


Our modpack is hosted on FTB under the 3rd party tab using litcraft as the code.


Server info: play.litcraft.net

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So the server wipe happens tomorrow.  Here's how things are going down, at 6am Central I'm going to load all the files for LiTCraft 1.2  instead of the server doing it's normal scheduled reboot, it'll be taken down at that time.  I'll make sure everything works and that there are no issues with the transition from development to production server.  The server should be ready for people to join sometime between 0630-7000.


A lot of work has gone into this new modpack version.  We have removed 8 mods, added 17, and updated another 44.  We've also updated forge to the latest stable release, so you'll notice the loading screen is far more informative than it used to be.


Along with the changes to the mod pack, we have done a ton of changes to the mod configs.

  • No more ore gen of multiple types of the same ore.
  • Mining biomes now only spawn in the mining world.
  • Big reactors now uses hardmode recipes and consumes a little more fuel to balance it out.
  • ComputerCraft wireless modems were changed to make the range more realistic based on altitude and weather conditions.
  • Galacticraft uses RF now instead of GJ.
  • Galacticraft bosses have been made more difficult to make fights more interesting.
  • Got rid of taint spread and warp effects in Thaumcraft.

We have also made some changes to our donation teirs to cover the issues with making sure we are abiding by the EULA.  No longer will ANY in game benefits be offered to anyone.  HOWEVER, we did get rid of Mystcraft and replace it with RFTools.  So we have fun to explore dimensions for each teir on Patreon.  

  • Donors have a winter wonderland moon that orbits a small planet to explore.
  • Supporters have magical land filled with exotic animals.
  • VIPs have the chaos world of floating islands and multiple suns and planets.  

Keep in mind that overworld generation and ores are in these worlds, so you will still have better luck mining in the mining world that everyone has access to rather than the aesthetic exploration worlds.


There is also a new spawn, you'll notice lounges for VIPs, Supporters, and Donors.  The player lounge also has the public worlds, which includes a sun world that is forever noon for your various clean energy options (IE, solar, wind, and water) for you to explore.  A mining world with higher ore generation that can be reset at any time.  This way we no longer need to have massive holes in overworld (overworld oregen is stunted) and we have a world that can be reset at anytime without affecting the rest of the server.


Lot's of fun to be had this weekend guys!  Hope everyone enjoys all the work that went into setting this up.  I'd like to thank @NISagent, @Thatguy_2_501, and @HexThirteen for they're work in helping me catch the bugs and test config options for making things more fun to play while still adding some longevity to your experience on the server.  See you guys tomorrow, have a fun and safe 4th of July and we look forward to having you guys enjoy some independence weekend fun on the server!

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