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  I'm going to be teaching Minecraft modding through the use of Forge to a small class of 9-12 year olds and was wondering if anyone had some ideas of mods I could use to get the kids involved.

I'm looking to teach them through examples instead of me just lecturing, so they have things to base future mods off of and references to look back on.

If anyone has any ideas for some simple mods that would work well as teaching tools I would greatly appreciate hearing them!


Thank you!!

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You probably don't want to hear this, but this is a horrible idea.

Teaching kids programming? Great! Please do.

But not with Minecraft. Minecraft is a great place of programming "what-not-to-do"'s and "oh-god-why"'. Many things in forge are still just hacks and workarounds to get stuff working on top of the vanilla code, which has grown over time and therefor is... not the cleanliest.

(Moreover it is written in Java, which is not the best language to learn programming, but that's just my opinion).


So... think hard about if you want to teach people this stuff, which will teach them many bad habits.

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From what I've experienced through my own modding in the past I'd agree with you, but unfortunately its not my decision, this is the class I've been assigned to teach.  I figure I'll make the best out of it and see if anyone has any ideas.

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