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[1.7.10] Server keeps stopping at the same point

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howdy and thanks to anyone willing to help me O.o




basically i am having an issue where i have a server setup in its own folder and have given it 3 GB of RAM to start with, first time i start it up it runs fine loads the server and everything and then i put the mods into the mod folder and thats when i have an issue and my server stops at the exact same spot every time. I dont actually know what i have done wrong but i have included a pastebin with the last bit of data from my FML-server-latest log. Please if anyone can help me out i would be grateful as i am just trying to run a small server for me and a couple friends

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i actually cant use java 8 as my job forces me to use java 7 or i cant load my login server on the webpage for my job, i have had my computer updated to java 8 but it doesnt allow me to work for god knows why and i had to follow a guide to downgrade my java. as far as the memory im running on a laptop with only 6 gbs of ram its not like i have more to give the server other than 3 gb

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i increased it to 256 mb and it started right up thank you very much ^^ i appreciate it and you are a hero among the net. just out of curiosity what is permgen? O.o thats something ive never heard of when dealing with java before, dont really have much java experience but i still like to learn

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