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No more setBlockName, questions about new render.


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Hello all,


So I downloaded and installed the src for MC 1.8 but I have some problems updating mods :


- No more setBlockName in every of my block classes !

- No more ISimpleBlockRendering !!

- Tesselator is now broken (do we need to use directly OpenGL now ?)

- No more getIconIndex in my TileEntitySpecialRenderers !

- No more getCollisionBoundingBoxFromPool(World, x, y, z).

- IItemRenderer deprecated, but I absolutely need that because I'm using Java methods, so the model file can't work... (can we still use it ?)


Now last question, because it's much more simple to use code for rendering instead of model files due to the fact all my block updates their textures in real time which means a model file can't work... So the question is : is there any forge event or any way to hook directly in world blocks rendering (a method like onBlockRender(Block b, int x, int y, int z)) ? I can use directly OpenGL, all I need is a direct hook into minecraft world blocks rendering so I can workaround and restore the old rendering way.

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1. setBlockName - now that's a method I haven't seen in a long time, what are you pre-1.6?

* block.setUnlocalizedName(name);

* In-game name is done by lang files.


2. ISimpleBlockRendering

net.minecraftforge.client.model - everything you need

For block: ISmartBlockModel most likely.


3. Tess is there and it's working.

What changed (long time ago) is that drawing methods got moved to WorldRenderer.


Tessellator tess = Tessellator.getInstance();
WorldRenderer wr = tess.getWorldRenderer();


4. Damn - that is very old. Anyway - no matter what - it seems you are so outdated that you will have to rewrite most of your rendering code.


5. There are plenty of different collision methods. Depends what do you need and from where?


6. IItemRenderer is deprecated and will never be back again.

You WILL have to use new model system.

Just to be clear - EVERYTHING that was possible with IItemRenderer IS POSSIBLE with new model system.

It's just much more complicated (...or is it? Seriously - once you learn it's easy).

Deal with models is pretty clear - you simply pre-generate everything before you render it. Once, sometimes few times.

Clear as that. If you need ANY real-time changes there are plenty of model loaders that allow you to bake quads in runtime and edit model in any way you want.

Again look - net.minecraftforge.client.model.


7. There is no "onBlockRendering"

As stated before - EVERYTHING in existance is now using models. You can pre-generate those models and edit them in runtime.

net.minecraftforge.client.model - look.

1.7.10 is no longer supported by forge, you are on your own.

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Thanks, well I'm using 1.7.10...


The way is that I can't use predefined models, I need real time updating models. That means I absolutely need to code everything.


So the IItemRenderer is dead and will never be back. That means I have only one solution for my mod : coremod... I will need to search on the Minecraft's engine, and overwrite all rendering classes to add the old rendering system.

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