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Offcial Mod Maker tool for Forge (that is Better than like Mcreator)


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Hi first of all Sorry if my english is not perfect

anyway here is my idea im pretty new at making mods for MC only know how to make models(via BDcraft/tabula) & textures and know nothing to java/forge coding and dont have so much time to learn it


with that said there is possible many like me who want to make mods


my idea is a Offcial Mod Maker tool for Forge (that is Better than like Mcreator) maybe the Scripting can be like Game Maker Studio but for MC mods becuase that is a very good tool for game making (mainly 2d games/simple 3d games) if  you think about you dont have to learn Java/C++/whatever to make a Game but you can still code one

we kinda needing that for minecraft mods aswell

since i have like afew ideas for some small mods ideas like a IRL working/looking Elevator(but MC style) running of RF/T or IC2 power(not sure if hard or easy to make but a type of blocks moving a player up/down like a piston can do sounds easy to me if you already know java/forge coding)

there can also be a Advance mode on this Tool so its a Really offcial way to make mods for Forge instead of like using Eclipse or something like that


i think my idea will be a great way to get more people into making mods or people like me who only can do modeling/textures but dont have so much time to learn code mods

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As a coder working with Forge/MC for years, here's my opinion:


NOT gonna happen.


This is not ment to be "case closed" saying, but serious, honest opinion.

Scripting mods is like, I don't know... making fries from bananas? It might look like a fry, but it is not even a potato. (I know, sick phrasing).

1.7.10 is no longer supported by forge, you are on your own.

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