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[SOLVED] addSpawn and removeSpawn


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Hello all! I'm new to Forge (obviously) and recently switched over from ModLoader.


Anyways, my mod removes a lot of the vanilla mobs and adds a few new ones, but the addSpawn and removeSpawn methods in EntityRegistry don't seem to be working for me... There are no errors, yet they don't... Work.


Some code:

EntityRegistry.removeSpawn(EntityPig.class, EnumCreatureType.creature, WorldType.base12Biomes);
EntityRegistry.addSpawn(EntityWalker.class, 50, 5, 20, EnumCreatureType.monster);


Would really appreciate some help with this, thanks! :)

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Is it in your @Init method?


The removes are in a separate method that is called in the init method, so I can keep it less cluttered. The addSpawns are still inside the init method, though. Neither work. :( When I was using the ModLoader versions they seemed to work somewhat. Though monsters still spawned in dark places... Hence I tried switching to the EntityRegistry methods to see if they would fix that, but they didn't work at all... xD


EDIT: Thanks for the response, by the way. :)

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