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[1.7.10]Client Connect to Server


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Hi, I'm trying to have the client connect to a server with

FMLClientHandler.instance().connectToServer(mc.currentScreen, serverData)

where serverData is the data of the most recently-connected server. I'm able to get the server data just fine, however the connectToServer() method seems to be going wrong somewhere.

The GuiConnecting gui is never shown, however the correct server data is logged in the gui's connecting method here:

logger.info("Connecting to " + ip + ", " + port);

After that, nothing happens. I tried to use breakpoints to determine where it fails, however I wasn't able to find anything. No exceptions are thrown. I'm using GuiMultiplayer as reference, however it seems that it just uses the client handler's connectToServer() method like I am. Do I need to handle anything afterwards?


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