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My map in my modpack crashed.. and never open again. Help.


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Minecraft Version: 1.7.10

Forge Version: 1.7.10-Forge10.13.4.1448-1.7.10

When the crash appears: EVERYTIME

Time played on the map: 1 to 2 weeks..


Well.. i made a modpack for me and my friend play. We are playing on LAN with Hamachi for 3 days without major errors, the only errors we have is mod incompatibility/crashing because a Chunk Loader on nether because the Ender-Thermal Pump.

When i resolved all this errors me and my friend started to use Thaumcraft 4.2 and do Researchs, and i made some things in the Crucible and some Flux Gas go into the air, but all is going fine and the game is running normally. BUT, when i take a GOOD idea of putting WATER in the top of the gas to break the Flux Gas (like all the other times i made that and worked) the water desappeared and i said: "What?? the Gas ate the Water i put..." After that i said the game Crashed.. and EVERYTIME i open the map do errors and crash again. i tried in another copy of the map putting the MCEdit and deleting the Flux Gas and the TickErros the gas created... but when i tried to open that copy.. The crash getted worse..

Obs¹: The game oppen normally, but in the screen of openning the world.. stucks in Generating Terrain and crashes.


Error file in the NORMAL and not eddited with MCEdit map:



Error the console in the NORMAL and not eddited map create:



Error in the Edited Map (same map but the TickError in Flux Gas deleted) with deleted Nether Dimension




Obs²: This crash i see something EVERYTIME in the crashes like: net/minecraft/world/region/chunks/ChunkBuffer.. so i think the region of my map get crashed if this happened really, please tell me how i can get the chests/iron chests/machines of the crashed world to the copy..

Obs³: MCEdit is oppening the world normally.. don't know how this works, but the chunks are allright in the MCEdit.

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Sorry, i found the FML Latest (40 MB of text wow) these are just crash reports..


The FML-latest is here:



Obs: Sorry for the Dropbox link, but my browsers crashs when i try putting the 40 MB of Text in the Gisthub or Pastebin... soo this is the only option i have.. Again. Sorry!

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MMMLibx is the Little Maid Mod Library. Well.. i changed the config of my minecraft and entered the world and played for 5 hours.. UNTIL THIS Crashed and give this:




OBs: Dropbox again because the Gist is giving Broken Links... tried 2 times and nothing.. and FML reports don't fill in Pastebin soo.. Yea Dropbox and Sorry

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I get new versions of ExtraBiomes XL and IC2 (ExtraBiomes old version is a beta version.. now is a normal and recommended version.) and IC2 i just get a new version... not too much different in number xD.. the world is good now but i wanna this topic open for more 2 or 3 days please... because always with 1 to 2 days of playing the world return to crashes..

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And here are THE CRASH>> Obs: this crash is happening EVERYDAY and time... but this now Everytime i enter the map.... if i enter 1 times the crash stop until i restart the game... but if i exit and enter the world is normal..


Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/00vipi7wmz1scta/fml-client-latest4.log?dl=0


obs: GIST don't working for me i.i

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