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[1.7.10]Trouble understanding world generation


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I'm having trouble understanding how how world generation works, at least enough for my purposes.


I understand what BiomeGenBase is, as well as WorldGenerator; I'm not sure how (rather, when) either of these are really used by the rest of the game.


My end goal is to create a visual separation between the 'inner' and 'outer' areas of my map, which i have separated by a wall which is created by a WorldGenerator1. I'd like to do this by making the outer areas darker, and possibly with new biomes that spawn exclusively there. It would seem i need to understand what minecraft uses to decide which biomes to place where, so i can change this behavior. I have of course looked at the source of GenLayer, WorldChunkManager, and other BiomeGen s; but i would like to know a minimally invasive2 way of making this changes.


1 in some places the wall is broken by other features such as lakes, telling me that lakes are being generated after my wall. Is there a way to know or change what order WorldGenerator s are called?


2 i would like not to affect non-biome aspects of generation from other mods, such as meteorite generation from AE2


Please and thankyou


edit: forgot version in subject

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