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[1.7.10] Interceptor framework for incoming vanilla packets


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Before I resort to rocket science I figured I would ask the question in hopes that I have overlooked something.  What I am wanting to do is intercept incoming packets from clients before they get handed off to FML/Vanilla packet processing.  Is there a framework in place that allows me to register an interceptor so that my mod can get a crack at the packet before/after processing?


The specific thing I am wanting to do is intercept incoming sign text update packets so that I can do some pre/post processing of the event.  What I am hoping for is clean server side entry point to do this without resorting to custom signs/tile entities, ASM, or some other fancy hackery.  The mod I am working on should not be required on a client.


(I did look for a Forge event for sign update, but I did not see any.)

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You can get vanilla packets with the following hack:

- Use




depending on which side you care about.


- From that event you have access to the


, then through the


method the netty-channel and then finally the


using the




- You can now insert your own


into the pipeline. To see how the vanilla pipeline is structured, look at e.g.









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^ This could be potentially really damn useful.


Other question

Goal: Change packet's data before it's being sent from server to client.

Extend NetHandlerPlayerServer and override sendPacket, and then simply check instance of packet and change data.

For every EntityPlayerMP - LoggedIn or JoinedWorld event? - replace handler field with extension.

Happily manipulate packets with e.g world data (e.g: have 2 players in same world but one will receive totally different world data).


Can something go wrong?

1.7.10 is no longer supported by forge, you are on your own.

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