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[1.8.9] Pony Races - change into a pony!


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I would like to present to you a mod I've been working on for some time now - Pony Races


It is a skin mod that changes your appearance to a pony - in the future, various other races will be included, such as minotaurs or gryphons.


The mod is currently in what I'd call early usable stages, in that players could use it if they would be okay with some animation bugs.



Current list of features(updated for 0.6 are bolded):

- support for 1.8 format and clothing, as well as legacy (64x32) and minelittlepony format

- HD format skins (up to 1024x1024/1024x512!)

- custom skin server

- 2 button skin upload process

- In-game editable tail length

- Wings with animation for flying

- Tail animation during movement

- First person pony skin replaces regular skin

- Colored Unicorn levitation magic! (make sure pixel 0,1 contains a color for this to work)

- Different pony sizes!

- Mix and pick race features: you are no longer bound to any canon race, allowing you to have ponies with claws and horns and wings and whatever else would be available!

- toggle between normal rendering and pony (if you have any other skin mods, Pony Races will allow you to revert on the fly!)

- less bugs than before!


Future/upcoming features:

- deeper model customization (child/adult/alicorn size, more wing types, additional hair styles, claws, piercings)

- ability to customize & use pre-drawn skins without having to upload them, or use them as a base for your own skin

- special armor models for supporters

- more hairstyles (i.e. a mohawk)

- possibly in-game editor as separate mod!



Looking for help! Please contact me if you know how to do pixel art - best if you could do any of the below mentioned items:

- Armor (2 layers for a quadruped)

- 15x15 GUI icons (symbols with colors, such as a male symbol, a wing, horn, etc)

- pixel skin for pre-made pony skins (or you could donate your previous minelittlepony one to be available to all!)


I would like to hear your thoughts and suggestions - and, if you're interested, PM me if you want to get involved in testing right now!



Download link is HERE




Disclaimer: The mod makes use of a skinserver that I run/own. The mod does not store nor ask for user information such as usernames and passwords - the only things that are being stored is your skin PNG file and your UUID in minecraft.

I do pony stuff :3

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Update to 0.5!


Added proper flying animation

Enhanced the running animation with tail movement

Fixed some other minor animation glitches


Download link available in description! This is a client-side mod ONLY, so don't try and install it on a server :3

I do pony stuff :3

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