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Question about Items & Variants


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After playing a bit with the new JSON systems introduced in 1.8, I have been wondering..

Since a BlockState JSON file can be used (with the forge syntax) to reduce a lot the number of useless and redundant Block Model files, can something similar be done with items? Is there a way to use BlockState files for items, or to dynamically define the texture of an item, using one simple model, just editing some texture values for each variant the item has?


Thanks to anyone who can provide any information about this.

I try my best, so apologies if I said something obviously stupid!

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Not if you rely on the "generated" item model. That depends on the texture itself, where each pixel is made into a cube.

Which would be pain to make into fixed json model.

But if your item model is already fixed, then yes, you can do the same architecture of json files as the blocks do.

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Yes, Items can have a blockstate file. Just omit the normal item model and create a blockstate json for it like you would normally. The only "drawback" is that the model files now have to go into the block folder as well.

This is from memory, not sure if this 100% accurate.


So all I have to do is create the blockstate json and place the model files in



And what do you mean by "normal" item model?


I will post my attempt later, thank you guys.


Edit: I am working on it (currently rewriting my model registry), and I just realized that I should have told you I'm working with 1.8, not 1.8.9, if that makes any difference.

I try my best, so apologies if I said something obviously stupid!

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