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[SOLVED][1.8.9] Incapable of adding texture to new block


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i have been learning how to make a mod for a bit, and i'm trying to simply give it a texture.

(@19:58) tutorial series is out of date, using deprecated stuff. this wiki page hasn't been updated for 1.8+, so setBlockTextureName() doesn't even exist anymore. i learned that it was replaced with a much more difficult process where you have to create 3 .json files for each block you make. i've spent two hours on trying to find how to perform this task that i assumed would be simple.


anyways, my mod's name is "example" and the block i'm trying to create has the ID "machine" (nearly following the tutorial series playlist above; i used "machine" instead of "sillymachine"). i created the 3 json files, and then followed this tutorial's model section. now, every time i build, i get this error:

[FML]: Exception loading model for variant mittersexample:Machine#normal for blockstate "mittersexample:Machine"
java.lang.Exception: Could not load model definition for variant mittersexample:Machine#normal


this is how my json files are set up as well as the png file:


    "variants": {
        "normal": { "model": "example:machine" }


    "parent": "block/cube_all",
    "textures": {
        "all": "example:blocks/machine"


    "display": {
        "thirdperson": {
            "rotation": [ 10, -45, 170 ],
            "translation": [ 0, 1.5, -2.75 ],
            "scale": [ 0.375, 0.375, 0.375 ]

and the texture for the block is in assets.example.textures.blocks/machine.png and it IS 16x16


i don't know what to do. google just spits out either outdated or unhelpful results and the wiki is outdated. help anybody?



ugh. i always end up solving problems myself after posting about them on some forum. my mod name was left as "mittersexample" instead of being "example"... i had a feeling it was something obvious.

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