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[1.7.10][1.8.9] Help with GuiConfig RE: restart flags


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I have a bunch of options I display for my mod using the GuiConfig system.  Some of the options require restart, others do not.  What I am finding is that all the tooltips for my options indicate that a restart is required regardless of the MC and world restart being set to false for the config entry.


I should point out that altering a settings that requires restart will result in the confirmation dialog that the user has to click "I Understand".  Furthermore, if I go in and change settings for config items that do not require restart I get no confirmation dialog as expected.  My conclusion from this is that my flags are operating is intended, but for some reason the config framework is needing some other information I am not aware of.


My hope is that someone else has tripped over this issue and can provide insight.  I can't preclude that I haven't done anything bonehead since this is my first time dealing with this subsystem, but to me it seems to be a pretty straight forward deal.

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And for today's "Doh!" moment I present the following....


The GuiScreen instance has "global" settings for flags indicating whether config changes require world or Minecraft restart.  In my CTOR for the derived class I passed in true for both these values which will override whatever the individual ConfigCategory/Property objects are set to.  I changed those suckers to false and I am good to go.

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