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[1.8.9]Entity taking damage on world load


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So I've written a custom Entity; nothing special, it just extends EntityTameable, follows the player around and attacks stuff for them. The only difference is that it's summoned from an item, rather than tamed in the traditional way.


However, when the user quits, then comes back in, the entity takes damage until it dies.


Here's the class in case it's needed:

package com.nosrick.masterofmagic.entities;

import java.util.UUID;

import net.minecraft.entity.Entity;
import net.minecraft.entity.EntityAgeable;
import net.minecraft.entity.EntityLivingBase;
import net.minecraft.entity.IEntityOwnable;
import net.minecraft.entity.SharedMonsterAttributes;
import net.minecraft.entity.ai.EntityAIAttackOnCollide;
import net.minecraft.entity.ai.EntityAIFollowOwner;
import net.minecraft.entity.ai.EntityAIHurtByTarget;
import net.minecraft.entity.ai.EntityAILookIdle;
import net.minecraft.entity.ai.EntityAIOwnerHurtByTarget;
import net.minecraft.entity.ai.EntityAIOwnerHurtTarget;
import net.minecraft.entity.ai.EntityAIWander;
import net.minecraft.entity.ai.EntityAIWatchClosest;
import net.minecraft.entity.passive.EntityTameable;
import net.minecraft.entity.player.EntityPlayer;
import net.minecraft.nbt.NBTTagCompound;
import net.minecraft.world.World;

public class EntityGuardianSpirit extends EntityTameable implements IEntityOwnable

public EntityGuardianSpirit(World worldIn) 
        this.tasks.addTask(1, new EntityAIAttackOnCollide(this, 1.0D, true));
        this.tasks.addTask(2, new EntityAIFollowOwner(this, 0.4D, 10.0F, 2.0F));
        this.tasks.addTask(3, new EntityAIWander(this, 0.2D));
        this.tasks.addTask(4, new EntityAIWatchClosest(this, EntityPlayer.class, 8.0F));
        this.tasks.addTask(4, new EntityAILookIdle(this));
        this.targetTasks.addTask(1, new EntityAIOwnerHurtByTarget(this));
        this.targetTasks.addTask(2, new EntityAIOwnerHurtTarget(this));
        this.targetTasks.addTask(3, new EntityAIHurtByTarget(this, true, new Class[0]));

protected void applyEntityAttributes()

    // standard attributes registered to EntityLivingBase

    // need to register any additional attributes

public String getOwnerId() 
	return this.dataWatcher.getWatchableObjectString(17);

public EntityLivingBase getOwner() 
        UUID uuid = UUID.fromString(this.getOwnerId());
        EntityPlayer owner = this.worldObj.getPlayerEntityByUUID(uuid);
        return owner;

public void setOwnerId(String owner)
	this.dataWatcher.updateObject(17, owner);

public EntityAgeable createChild(EntityAgeable ageable) 
	return null;


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