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[1.7.10]Backup Mod


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Hey guy's i got a problem i want to create a mod. It should save a backup into a separate folder(and overwriting the old one so just one exists at any time) everytime one or more players sleep. But i don't know where to begin. The first time i tried, my game crashed before the eventhandler was triggered, so i decided to restart. Would be happy about some tips  :)


THX Descus

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You'll want a class that implements Runnable. The constructor should take whatever information you will be saving and it should take it as final to guarantee that nothing gets altered.

From the run method that you override you will do any saving to file using regular java IO.


Hook into whatever event you want to be the trigger and call

(new Thread(new RunnableClass())).start();

You will have to figure out how you are going to prevent a race condition.

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I wrote a mod which does something similar; have a look in this package








An important point is to turn tell Minecraft to stop updating the save folder while you're copying



and then




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