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[1.8.9] [UNSOLVED] World Generation


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does anyone know a good tutorial about SimplexNoise or OpenSimplexNoise?

And how to do that stuff then in Java....


Or maybe someone here can explain it to me. ;)


I'm asking this because I'm currently working on a mod which should generate realistic biomes but I don't know how

to get stuff like the noise value.....

I'm using Forge 1.8.9 with OpenSimplexNoise.


I've found currently just some PerlinNoise tutorials in english..... well, I wasn't able to understand them...


Best would be a german tutorial because of that complex stuff and I'm not sure how much I would

understand from an english tutorial of such a complex theme (never did math stuff and any of these stuff in english  :( )


Thx in advance.



Developer of Primeval Forest.

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Honestly, I'd just generate your own noise.

It might not be as random, but it can be faster.

I personally use Math.Sin(i * Math.PI * 2 + Random.NextFloat()), where i is an integer that is incremented each time you request a random number.

I'm not sure if Random.NextFloat() exists in Java, but you just want a floating point number between 0 and 1.


This creates some nice, wavy noise and is pretty quick.


Sorry I couldn't give you better help!

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Thx for the answer.

Any idea how to generate a bit more realistic and smooth terrain?

And if I got the noise value, how to generate the terrain with it.

I know that Minecraft and mods like RTG got hundred of lines of code just for generating terrain and getting the noise value. (and I understood nothing of that code.....)



Developer of Primeval Forest.

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