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[1.8.9] minecraft_server.1.8.9 fails to run


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I'm using Forge-1.8.9-

So I am trying to create a modded server and I get stuck at the step in which I've installed the forger server from the installer and when I go to run minecraft_server1.8.9 in order to have the additional files open so I can set the eula to true but a black screen pops up ( not cmd) and only lasts a split second and then nothing happens.  I can get it to freeze for a while until i press anything on my keyboard and it goes away.  On top it says something along the lines as select C:\programs(x86)\java\jre.1.8.0_73\bin\java.exe.  As well Im almost possitive that the file type should say execuatable jar file or something but mine only says JAR file.  Any help would be MUCH appreciated, been working on this for a while.

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