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can't figure out the problem with my client-sided methodes


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I am working on a part of my mod which consist in rendering, on client side, some custom area.

What is needed to render those areas is sent through a channel ( I send the coordinates, the type of area, the size, ... )


Here comes my problem, the datas are recieved and correctly interpreted (I used some System.out.printl(thing) to watch is the treatement was correct). Once the datas a corectly understood, the client should create a ArrayList<Area> which contains all the areas Object (with the properties inside). But, when i call the list later, in another method in the same class (the list is part of the class), it appears empty.


Thanks to the Print I made, I saw that:


inside the method that create the list (method called when the packet is recieved), the Print return things like that:


[Netty Local Client IO #0/INFO] [sTDOUT]: [nxs.listManager:addToList:160]: area1


and in the other method, it return :

[Client thread/INFO] [sTDOUT]: [nxs.listManager:canBuild:73]: list emplty!!!


What is the problem ? What is the difference between those two?

[Netty Local Client IO #0/INFO] 
[Client thread/INFO]

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