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1.8 Sending chat messages by the mod


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I was wondering how can you send a chat message, for example how can a mod type Hello(in chat you will see this as "Your_Nickname: Hello").

I already tried few things like

Minecraft.getMinecraft().thePlayer.addChatMessage(new ChatComponentText("Hello"));

but that just ends up showing the message to the client, which is not what i need.


I tried player.addChatMessage(newChatComponentText("Hello")); but eclipse tells me that player can not be resolved, my friend also mentioned I needed to use

EntityPlayerSP player = Minecraft.getMinecraft().thePlayer;

which would tell me the player nickname, but this doesn't work. Anyone knows how do I do it?

Thank you in advance, Erol


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Damn... your problem is simple: You don't know Java. You seem like don't even know objective coding... learn basics before modding.


EntityPlayer#addChatMessage is good approach.

Minecraft#thePlayer is client-only player (the one you control), you can't use it in common/server code. Only Proxy can call it (client only class).

Saying that - you need common EntityPlayer instance.

What I am saying - when do you want to print this message of yours? You can print it from event, from Item/Block methods, from anywhere actually.

1.7.10 is no longer supported by forge, you are on your own.

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