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1.9 - Wrong Snowball Throwing Sound While In Survival Mode. [Bug]


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The sounds both for a snowball being thrown and an arrow being shot produces this other sound.

It is also effecting the vanilla snowball.


It was not there before and if possible that this can be removed I'd be really thankful.


Two sounds playing at once almost doesn't sound right, (doesn't really sound right)

and it may be a.... dragon wing sound when right clicking a snowball?


Ether way It doesn't do this in creative mode, it only does this in survival.

Hope this gets resolved ,\/..

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Is also producing the wing flap noise too.

which really disappoints me... because that should work.


It doesn't make the wing flap noise in game survival or creating when I right click with a fishing pole.

... so I dunno what's up with this.

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no.... I changed the sound to something else and it still produces the wing flapping noise..


So all snowballish type items are stuck with this annoying sound they can't get rid of?

This sound exists nowhere in my item model my entity renderer or anything but somehow it plays when i right click it.


So so so very frustrating.

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