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[1.9] Render items on top of another item based on NBT [Solved]


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I have a barrel in my mod that can be picked up as a itemblock.


Problem I'm having is in getQuads state is ofc null, and the last item it checked for override is not always what it get quads for, i end up getting the wrong item overlay on the barrels, and even empty barrels show content.


The stored item is in NBT on the itemstack.


It seems to use the last item on the shortcut bar every time.


I'm most likely not doing this right, it would be nice if someone have a small example on how to do this right, i also need some text displayed on the block/item.


in 1.7.x it was all just a TESR.






Pushing the models on to a stack and poping them of as getQuads are called

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i get infinite loop when i have a barrel inside the barrel, the data prepared in handleItemState, when getquads is called it contains the data for the barrel that contains the item still, and does not call handleitem state on the contained item/barrel before getquads.

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