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[1.9] registering sounds?


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Hello, I have a mod I made for 1.8 that adds new music discs that play my unique songs in the jukebox.  I am updating my mod to 1.9 and for the life of me, cannot get my records to play my unique songs.  I tried to look at how ItemRecord does what it needs to (that is how I got it working last time), but I feel like I am missing something.  I can get an old song to play on my new record item ("ward" for example), but just not quite understanding how to get my custom songs to play.  I see that in SoundEvent and SoundEvents, it looks like music needs to be registered, but I am lost.


I could be doing it wrong but any guidance would be great.



I just read somewhere that sounds in 1.9 are broken.  Is this true? And if so, is this something I have to wait for a forge update for before I can put custom music discs in?  Thanks!

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