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[1.9] Gamerule spawnRadius bug


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Hello everyone,


Recently I've decided to take up building a new map. Rather, a rebirth a "sticking to the roots" of the Original Skyblock but that's besides the point. When I attempt to create a world, I load in fine but when re-logging into the world I get the 0% crash. I am currently running with no mods.  The template I am using is superflat "The Void" and gamemode creative (cheats on.) After loading into the world, I use command "/gamerule spawnRadius 0" and it works fine. I quit, load back in, and then I get this error: (http://paste.ee/p/S4Er9)


After reading into it, the error is complaining about "bound must be positive" and I am unable to get back in the world. So, I press the re-create button, load in and try setting it to "/gamerule spawnRadius 1" and the same issue happens. Anything greater than 1 works as expected.


Not certain if related, but after 20 attempts on default spawn radius (10), I only spawned in the bottom 10 blocks of the square box.  With a rough offset of -10, 0, -10 from exact spawn location. Though, because of the fun of RNG, that simply could just be odd luck


Removing forge, I am able to load into any of the worlds fine. Even if I set the spawn radius as a negative the feature works fine, and the random spawn offset works fine without forge.

Used to do things, now I'm in College I do nothings.

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