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BackpackProperty doesnt get synced properly


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as you read the title yes the BackpackProperty doesnt get synced properly i am trying to fix this mod called the adventurebackpack mod i had made a few fixes but i came cross this bug this let me try to explain the best way i can

this is singleplayer https://gyazo.com/fcba1dc3b1d768c4a85fcd1639f7e8e9 work fine as you see

this is what happen when you connect to bungeecord https://gyazo.com/658abcddbc285ee2581269424a47a278 as you see the backpack is not displaying on the back i am having an hard time trying to fix this bug here the source code



if any of you can help me i am new to programming minecraft mods :(

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okay i had found more information about this issue and the problem is it don't sync when you move server to server (like the way bungeecord works) so in the code it's bascially not syncing the right way and cause the backpack to not show on your back here is the code that sync when player login



again sorry but can one of you guys can help me about this problem

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