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[UNSOLVED][1.7.10] Better Version of Is Tool Effective?


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So I've been using this sort of code for my 3 by 3 by 3 pickaxe

if(world.getBlock(x, y, z) == world.getBlock(x+1, y, z) && world.getBlock(x+1, y, z).isToolEffective("pickaxe", 3))

.isToolEffective("pickaxe", 3) isn't really working well for me, since I'd like it to mine Obsidian, Fences, Stairs, and everything that is mined faster with a diamond pickaxe. For redstone ore, I've currently been using an awkward boolean system, but it's under control. I don't want to code a awkward fix for all of these other blocks either.

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You are checking

world.getBlock(x, y, z).isToolEffective("pickaxe", 3)

, right? If so, then

world.getBlock(x+1, y, z).isToolEffective("pickaxe", 3)

is redundant, as you also check that

world.getBlock(x, y, z)


world.getBlock(x+1, y, z)

are the same block (and if the pickaxe is effective against the block it is effective against the block).

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Pretty much, except instead of ItemPickaxe I want Block, and CanHarvestBlock makes it so that I can basically harvest anything... So let me try to explain this much more clearly...


I would like to know a way I can check if the block is broken faster by a diamond pickaxe (Level 3 Pickaxe). I was currently using getBlock().isToolEffective("pickaxe", 3) (From memory), but it doesn't work for stairs, obsidian, end_stone, etc.

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