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how to differentiate items with ntb tag ?


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I actually wanted to make some kind of pokeball, and when I catch a mob, the pokeball item get a NBT tag  and I need to differentiate the pokeball that has an entity inside to the empty one in order to make a "Pokelauncher", which will throw my pokeballs at huge distances.

But, the thing is the launcher takes every pokeball in my inventory and I just want it to take the pokeballs with an entity.


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Sorry if i didn't make it clear earlier...

I made a "PokeLauncher" which allow me, by right-clicking, to throw a pokeball that is in my inventory.

The way i made my "Pokeball" item is that when I capture a mob inside, the ball gets an NBT tag to tell what mob is inside it.


For now, my launcher throw every "pokeball" item I have in my inventory, no matter if the pokeball item has this specific NBT tag or not (meaning it is empty) and I want to make it only throw the balls that contain mobs.


Maybe did i make it the wrong way... Is the NBT tag a proper way to do so ?

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Alright, so what he was trying to say is, with his pokeball launcher he has this code.


public void onPlayerStoppedUsing(ItemStack stack, World worldIn, EntityPlayer playerIn, int timeLeft)


        boolean flag = playerIn.capabilities.isCreativeMode || EnchantmentHelper.getEnchantmentLevel(Enchantment.infinity.effectId, stack) > 0;


        if (flag || playerIn.inventory.hasItem(IFItems.Pokeball))



He's trying to differentiate a Pokeball without any entity inside to a Pokeball with an entity inside.


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