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[1.10] How to use registerEntityRenderingHandler


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Let me clear it out:

I don't get how to use the new registerEntityRenderingHandler so I ask you if you want to give me the line of code that I can put in my preInit event

And my classes (For the params) are:

Entityclass : CheeseCow

Modelclass : CheeseCowModel

Renderclass : CheeseCowRender

Rendermanagerclass : CheeseRenderManager

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Holy shit! Thread with about post per 2min! Now that's something.


In "old times" you would put your renderer directly to the registry.

Someone though "let's make it harder to fk shit up" - that's why factories were added.


Now instead of putting renderer you will be putting a factory in preInit, which then (factory) will be called by internals on init and produce a renderer for given entity.


So yeah - you basically make new class implementing IRenderFactory<MyEntityRenderer> and make its method return "new MyEntityRenderer(manager)".

1.7.10 is no longer supported by forge, you are on your own.

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