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Welp, I'm an idiot.


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So I'm new to modding, and I've spent the last few hours trying to get a basic client-side-only GUI to open when an item is right-clicked. Right when the GUI was supposed to open, Minecraft crashed, complaining of a toothache or a NullPointerException or something. Googling around eventually led me to realize that I hadn't registered my GUI handler, so I created an init() method in CommonProxy, and added the GUI handler registration. Still crashes with a server-side NPE. I google more, do some searches specifically on this forum, and meticulously check every line of code to see why the server is upset. Not a clue.


At this point, I'm at the end of my rope, so I register here and prepare to post in Modder Support. But just in case, I do another forum search, and find a couple threads I'd not seen previously. Sadly, they didn't contain the magic I needed to fix my code. As I'm getting ready to write my post, it hits me.


I forgot to call CommonProxy's init() method in the actual mod init.


Here's a screenshot of my GUI right now:





Figured you lovely folks could get a laugh out of my pain!  ::)

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