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[1.10.2] Custom torch light color


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Well, first of all that is a (now former) Mojang Employee.

He moreover modified big parts of the source code for this I assume, which you cannot do as a mod (at least not in a way that's supported in any way shape or form).


Plus, in all honesty, from your previous posts on this forum you do not have the necessary skills to pull something like this off at all.

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Quoting video description:

"In principle, there's nothing stopping an enterprising engineer from extending the block light value from a single nybble (0-15) to three nybbles, corresponding to the Red, Green and Blue channels of a light value. In practice, this is also basically true."


And btw - mods that do such things are usually JAR mods that don't use Forge or use Forge with shitload or ASM.

Now ask yourself - is any of those fitting choice for you? One is turning away from Forge, second is looking into ASM void.

1.7.10 is no longer supported by forge, you are on your own.

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