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Armor attribute not working in Forge


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Recently, I installed Minecraft Forge for mc 1.9.4. Later on, I tried giving me an item with a modified armor attribute stat, but it did not work, the item did not change.


This is the command I used:

/give @p minecraft:stick 1 0  {AttributeModifiers:[{Slot:"mainhand",AttributeName:"generic.armor",Name:"generic.armor",Amount:2,Operation:0,UUIDLeast:41580,UUIDMost:573197}]}


Then I tried the same command in Forge for mc 1.10.2, but it still did not work.

Finally I logged in with a mincraft vanilla v. 1.10.2 without Forge, and it worked correctly. Of course, before doing that I looked for some kind of explanation or bug report on internet, but did not find anything. So, I am writing this here because I guess it is a bug of Forge.






- Items with the armor attribute modifier do not work while using Forge, at least in versions 1.10.2 , 1.9.4 (recommended ones).


- Those items work correctly in vanilla minecraft.


- The bug does not cause any crash, it only makes items do not have that attribute (it says they have but does not change anything).





And that is my report. I think you won't probably need my log, because it is easy to recreate this problem in minecraft and it does not crash the game, but here it goes: http://pastebin.com/SvfVmCdP

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I am seeing the same exact issue, no mods loaded. Had to remove forge in order for it to display armor modifiers correctly. Hope there is a fix on the way soon.

Thanks for supplying my post. I guess they have not seen it, but maybe we will have it fixed soon if they notice the problem.

Well, let's hope :/

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