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[1.9.4] Trouble with Invisible Blocks


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Hi, I'm using the method "onBlockStartBreak", which gets executed every time a block is broken. I return true, which makes it so that the block doesn't get broken and doesn't drop an Item. However, the block turns invisible until I restart the world.

I've tried forcing a block update using world.scheduleBlockUpdate and world.notifyNeighborsRespectDebug, none of which seemed to work.

What can I do?

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You seem to have a case of Client/Server mismatch.

I believe you hinder the block from being broken on the server, but the client isn't aware of your change.


Show your code please.

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public boolean onBlockStartBreak(ItemStack itemstack, BlockPos pos, EntityPlayer player)

	World world = player.worldObj;

	if(player.isSneaking()) {

		mat = world.getBlockState(pos);
		NBTTagCompound tag = itemstack.getTagCompound();
		tag.setString("material", mat.getBlock().getRegistryName().getResourceDomain() + ":" + mat.getBlock().getRegistryName().getResourcePath());
		tag.setInteger("damage", mat.getBlock().getMetaFromState(mat));
		Block block = (Block)Block.REGISTRY.getObject(new ResourceLocation(itemstack.getTagCompound().getString("material")));
		if(!world.isRemote) {
			player.addChatComponentMessage(new TextComponentString(TextFormatting.LIGHT_PURPLE +"Material set to: " + net.minecraft.util.text.translation.I18n.translateToLocal(net.minecraft.util.text.translation.I18n.translateToLocal(block.getLocalizedName()))));


	world.notifyNeighborsOfStateChange(pos, mat.getBlock());


       return true;


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I think the best way is for you to start putting some breakpoints in your code and using the debugger to trace through and see what is happening.


You could also add logging statements which are useful for showing what's happening without disrupting the code (especially important with item use / block breaking because a breakpoint interferes with user input and stops breaking the block)


for example


public boolean onBlockStartBreak(ItemStack itemstack, BlockPos pos, EntityPlayer player)

	World world = player.worldObj;
                System.out.println("onBlockStartBreak:" + (world.isRemote ? "client" : "server"));







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