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How to determine when visible chunks are done downloading/rendering?


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I am quite new to modding, but I promise I am doing my best to find the answer to this question on my own before needing to bug you guys.

Here's my problem: I would like to take some automated screenshots, but only after the client is done downloading and rendering all of the visible chunks around me. To be clearer: When you move to a new area, there is often a bit of lag before those areas are fully drawn in. Is there an easy way to determine when all of the visible chunks are done downloading and rendering?


Any help - even wild guesses, would be appreciated at this point.

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It's for sure possible.

For each chunk in range, Vanilla compiles either a display list or a vertex buffer object (depending on the game settings).  It keeps a list of the chunks which have been compiled and a list of the ones which are still outstanding.  A bit of digging through the vanilla code should help you find the list and check whether the chunks you're interested in are still being compiled.  I don't have access to my IDE at the moment, but a good place to start is to put a breakpoint in Block.getRenderLayer() and then see where it was called from; this method is used by the code which compiles the display list / VBO.


A couple of things that might make it a bit harder.  The list is probably private, so you will probably need to use Reflection to access it.  Let us know if you need help with that - it's not difficult once you know how; for example here


eg this one

  private static final Field keyCodeField = ReflectionHelper.findField(KeyBinding.class, "keyCode", "field_74512_d");


The second wrinkle is that the compiling of the display lists /VBOs takes place in multiple threads, so if you access the list of chunks being compiled, you have to do it in a thread-safe manner.  The vanilla code should show you how.







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