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Server continuously loads and unloads nether


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Hello Everyone,


I seem to be having an issue with forge loading and unloading the nether. I setup a local server on my computer to test the issue, and make sure it wasn't the world I was playing in. Fresh world created, no mods installed, and I build the one thing that I know might be the problem. On my server, we have an iron farm built that is loaded with those nether portal things that dispenses an item every 10 seconds or so, and I recreated the item dispenser on a fresh world. With this device to keep the spawn chunks loaded, the console gets spammed with unloading DIM -1, then loading DIM -1 every 6 seconds or so. I tried this on vanilla in the same fresh world, and nothing spams the console. Any ideas to fix this issue is greatly appreciated, since I would like to continue having some vanilla aspects with a few mods I plan to add later.


I am using forge-1.11.2-, without any mods installed and a fresh world to duplicate the results. After awhile the loading and unloading seems to bog down the server, where eventually a restart is required to get it smooth again. I also had this test server running on a Windows 10 computer, normally the server is hosted with a dedicated machine that runs linux.


Thanks for any help, and if more info is needed I can gladly provide it.


Pastebin for the fml latest log:



Pastebin for the vanilla only log:



Image for the nether dispensing system, 10 items in the hoppers


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