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[help] How to oppen a new Gui when i click on a button ?


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Hi, sorry for my bad english.


I'm new in modding, i follow lot of forge tutoriel, and I have created some item, blocs and mobs. Now I try to mod Gui.


I have created and item "book", when I right click with this object, it open a new windows (it's the book cover) and there is a button "page 1" on this cover.


When I click on this button, i would open a new Gui (page 1) but I dont know the code to do this, someone can help me ?

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AndyLun -> I looked class "Guibuttonnextpage" "Guibutton" and "GuiScreenBook" I found the code to close a book "this.mc.displayGuiScreen((GuiScreen)null);" but not for Open a new specific Gui.


Kore -> My book is not like basic book in minecraft. It has specific Cover, specific skin and specific fonction

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