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Slot - Overriding Rendering of Item stacks.


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My mod requires changing how the slots render on my gui's, and it looks most of theses methods are locked out "private" so I can't simply over-ride them to use my code instead,


Here is the situation,


I need to change the numbers are rendered in my slots, to allow larger numbers, and alternate text.


My options I've seen so far



protected static RenderItem itemRenderer = new RenderItem();


For instance this can be changed, but then I'd replace MC's Default render, and the one used by other mods, not a good plan.


if I could override

protected void drawSlotInventory(...)


and I wouldn't have any issues, but this is a private method so this is a no go, so presently i'm just using a clone of the GuiContainer Class so I can set that static variable without affecting any other mods / mc.


I could re-code an entire new GuiContainer... but that would just be ridiculous...


I'm not very fond of this solution, but it does work...


Does anyone have any advise for a better solution on this?

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