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[1.10.2] Item with metadata 0 not loading texture, textures with metadata 1-15 are the same structure and show correctly


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I am trying to create two items (a colored bed and colored sleeping bag) with 16 sub-items (colors) each.  The textures for the items all seem to be registered correctly and show up in the game EXCEPT for metadata 0 (white) for both items.  When I run the game, the console (Eclipse) does not report any missing texture messages, or any errors at all that I can find.  The white texture files are .png files correctly named in EXACTLY the same format as the other colors and in the textures/items directory with the rest of the working textures.  The model .jsons are in the models/item directory with the rest of the working model files, follow the same format as the other colors, and have the correct names in the same format as the other colors.  I can't find any capitalization errors or misspellings.  I am using the EnumDyeColor values, and have confirmed that white in that list is in fact called "white" and is value 0.  When I print the variant names for the item registration to the console as it creates the Resource Location list to see if they are being registered with the right name, it prints "0" and "white" in exactly the same format as the rest of the colors.  What am I doing wrong?


My code is now located here: https://github.com/tcrall71/BedderBeds-1.10.2-2.1



After exhaustive testing:

--using the .png for a different model to prove it works

--using the model .json for a different variant to prove it works

--using different .jsons and .pngs for variant 0 to prove the model and texture files are not the issue

--creating an entirely new mod with the minimum code required for an item with metadata, including stripping out all loops, switches, references to other classes and methods in case the error is somewhere I am not looking at


I am becoming fairly sure that this is a bug in Forge, and not my error at all.  Can anyone help me confirm this?











Edited by tcrall71
New information following more testing
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