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Overriding default player behavior and a few questions


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What I am looking for is what I would need to do to have the current player class overridden by my own custom one. I want to add custom values to the player(something that may possibly be displayed in the UI) but what I need to know is if this is possible without editing the base player class for one and if it is where do I start?


I'm also looking into adding a "warp" ability to the player, and wanted to know if anyone has made an enderman-like blink skill you can target an area with and jump to that area. I don't want to just use a teleport, I want it to look like they are moving really fast from one location to another.


Another thing I need to know is if anyone knows how to go about accessing the current player entity holding an item from an item class. The idea I have now is I'm making it so players will all have their own unique weapon, and depending on which weapon that is they will have different abilities.


The last thing I would like to know is how to make my own particle. I understand how to spawn the particle into the world, but I want to know how I would make my own custom particle.


If you can help with any of these they will significantly speed up my development of this mod I am creating. I'm working on a mod that has already been developed, but that I'm not happy with the progress of. If you've ever seen the bleach mod you would know it's very basic, and I've just now had the time to start working on modding things.


Also would making an item that can change form over time require a tile entity? Is there a better way to do something like that?



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